good show.

Wed, Nov 10, 2010 at 2:33 PM

thank you, too, dudes! i had a great ffffuckin' time! i was just wondering about numbers; how many attended, how many hipsters, how many pounds of garbage. but, sell out crowd? that's the shit. i'm really glad it was a great turnout. that means a great fff fest next year. this being my 3rd year straight for fff fest, i decided i'll prolly go next year even if i don't like/haven't heard of any of the bands you book. but. having booked the Descendents, you guys can do ffffucking anything. seriously, you might sell out of tickets twice if you book an old-ish version of Black Flag. also Iggy Pop. even fIREHOSE, but anything with Mike Watt should suffice. Belle & Sebastian, The Locust, Axe of Vengeance, Converge. i'm ffffucking sure you could even bring Matty Luv back from the dead and book Hickey. anyway...


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  1. There is nothing to display yet, check back soon.