Carefree life laid a solid foundation

Mon, Dec 24, 2012 at 11:49 PM

Renovation of the family consumption, differ from man to man, choose the decoration style, affordable, reliable quality reputation good products, the overall mix of harmony and unity, is the ideal home "".Rational choice, intellectual consumption, comfortable

Carefree life laid a solid foundation.

Genuine goods at a fair price floor, and is to ensure that the basic function of the product appearance, quality, service, value, comprehensive performance, its market price equilibrium, and consumer expectations equilibrium, and the implicit value be excavated, consumers get the recognition and trust.

The solid wood floor product homogenization phenomenon is relatively common, consumer choice often appears an error, just look at the monolithic flooring products quality and workmanship, just look at the monolithic flooring products, tone and texture, often ignored after laying the overall style.Solid wood flooring material is not fine. Quality, style complete, home has more expensive wood floors have become "Naoxin engineering".

Many people only concerned with material and price, that choose a good one we all recognized species, selected for their color can, often because of the price difference and the choice of more affordable.What does not know the quality and value is the phase equilibrium, price and value gap corresponding to its quality how?These still need good consumption consciousness and discern actor bad vision, how rational choice of solid wood flooring, Dingxin Zhang to summarize the following several points:

Choose products -- products by category, product quality, product value orientation.Select products, is to choose their own life, must accord to their own needs orientation.

Pick a style -- the appearance of products, technology products, the technological content of products, product features and attractions.Product style and the aesthetic taste of consumers fit, and overall Jiezhuang style coordination, in order to meet the demand for consumption.

Pick the brand -- brand respected by the philosophy and culture, brand reputation, brand reputation and development potential, and relevant products.The quality of the brand, has good strength and technology, and has a good security system and service system, to ensure that consumers buy.

Choose the quality -- product quality and cost-effective.Raw material quality, product work, paint effects, innovation of science and technology as well as with the price of similar products and other factors, are directly determined whether the product quality is more superior.

Pick the price -- and products on price, and price the product value.Product price does not fall high, so rare, low-priced sale, price fluctuations and other abnormal behavior, inconsistent with the laws of the market and consumer demand, the intension of the products and service and product value must be equal, achieve value for money.

Pick up service -- a perfect service system and service support system, through professional training, professional service staff.Service as a soft products, and their products is equally important, and closely related to the vital interests of consumers.

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