1. Rory Harman avatar

    On Sun, Aug 28, 2011 at 12:16 PM, Rory Harman said:

    Something about the process of being able to scratch a really intense itch at the same time as getting off.
    Still really not sold on the idea.

  2. inkboy200x avatar

    On Sat, Aug 27, 2011 at 11:35 PM, inkboy200x said:

    yea.... poison ivy penis does not sound sexually gratifying at all... lol

  3. Rory Harman avatar

    On Sat, Aug 27, 2011 at 6:09 PM, Rory Harman said:

    I didn't say I thought it was a good idea.

  4. rachelrachellehcarlehcar avatar

    On Sat, Aug 27, 2011 at 6:52 AM, rachelrachellehcarlehcar said:

    maybe I'm just strange, but the idea of poison ivy anywhere near my genitals does not sound like increased sexual gratification.