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Music Feeds People is an organization that is trying to end hunger by raising awareness thru music.

We believe that a sound body and mind need physical and mental nourishment. And as food fills your stomach and keeps you physically surviving, music feeds your soul and mind, opening you up to all kinds of ideas and concepts.

These ideas and concepts influence you as a person and everyone around you. So if we strive to put an end to hunger thru this artistic medium we might be able to influence the masses by igniting a revolution – a revolution demands that no one goes hungry and everyone can experience the joy and inspiration that music brings.


Music Feeds People has worked with Warped Tour (2005-2010), Ozzfest, Edgefest, Taste Of Chaos Tour, Alternative Press Tour, and the United Nations in addition to working with national and local acts to help provide food for local Feeding America food banks.

To find out more about our cause go to...

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