College graduate going on two years in the real world and well its worst than I thought. I now have more time, more money, and more excuses to just party but before you get me wrong its not all about that with me. Its just I'm young and spending time with friends and meeting new people is just my priority interest in my social life. I like to laugh and to experience life, the good and the bad. I spent alot of time living life making all the safe decisions and didn't learn jack about myself. So hear I am just living and experiencing what I can with the people that willing to join me. I just found an inspiration and the interest to write and I'm going with it. I like to read, love to learn, and like to ponder a few things. Challenge me, inspire me, test me, push me. That is the best way to get to know me.
By the way I heard about FunFunFest because of my brother and so I bought him PIP tickets for his bday!

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