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3 Day Passes include entry into all 3 Days of fun, plus entry to ALL FFF Nites shows*.

Single Day Pass to FFF10. This pass includes entry to single day of fun, plus admission to single day FFF Nites shows*.

Ultimate Smooth Pass (USP) purchasers are granted exclusive access to our classic Treat Yo' Self Zone, this year stacked with more seating, more shade, private lounging, and tents to maximize chill sessions between bands.

*Access to Hyundai Nites shows subject to venue capacity, USP Pass Holders will receive priority entry, however entrance is not guaranteed. Single day pass holders get entry to Nites shows for the night of their single day pass, plus ALL Thursday Hyundai Nites shows.



In 2006, Fun Fun Fun Fest booked its first set of acts in downtown Austin and it didn't take long for it to become the darling of independent festivals for music lovers and music makers in the United States. Throughout the years, Fun Fun Fun Fest has become renowned for its musical lineup, as well as its collection of comedy, food, action sports, and poster art experiences.

Now in its tenth year and recognized as one of the most relaxed, creative, and pioneering festivals in music today; Fun Fun Fun Fest is custom booked for the most passionate, underground, and progressive musicians, comedians and fans around the world.

Fun Fun Fun Fest is a Transmission Events Production

When will tickets be shipped out?
FFF10 tickets will start shipping out the second week of October 2015. To check your order status, please login to your account at All tickets purchased after October 10, 2015 will be "Will Call only", and can be picked up prior to the fest at the designated will call stations, or on fest days at the will call booths.
What if I need to change my shipping address?
Contact Queue at [email protected] for all shipping questions.
Will there be early bird Will Call locations this year?
Yes. We will have multiple early bird Will Call locations this year. See Funderdome page for more info.
What are the box office and will call hours during the festival?
The box office and will call will be open from 10:00am - 9:00pm on festival days. This includes wristband pickup, general guest list check-in, ticket purchasing, media check-in, and band guest list pickup.
What time does the fest start & end?
Doors are at 12pm each day. Fest begins at 12:30am and ends at 10pm each day.
Do kids get into Fun Fun Fun Fest for free?
Children under 10 years of age will be allowed in free of charge. Children 10 years of age and over will need to purchase a ticket.
Will there be a secure place at Auditorium Shores to park my bike?
Yes, we will have a few large bike valet areas close to the front gate. We encourage people to ride bikes or carpool to reduce traffic congestion in Austin during the fest.
Will the bars and merchandise tents accept credit cards?
Yes, we accept all major credit cards at every bar and festival merch tent, via Square.
Can I bring a water bottle or Thermos to the fest?
Yes, but it must be empty when you come through the gates. NO GLASS BOTTLES.
I won tickets to Fun Fun Fun Fest, how do I redeem the tickets?
All tickets that were won as prizes or giveaways will be picked up at the will call box office on the day of fest. You will need to bring a valid ID with the winner’s name on it.
Is Friday a FULL day of FFF or just a kick off party?
Friday at Fun Fun Fun Fest is a FULL day of fest. All stages will be hopping and all vendors will be there for the whole day.
Will there be shuttle services at FFFX?
Shuttles will run continuously from 11am-11pm between the entrance to the pay lot at 5th and San Marcos and the venue. Shuttle is FREE. All shuttles are first come first served.
What's up with FFF Nites?
Nites shows are for FFF pass holders only. All credentials get you into Thursday Nites, all other credentials are valid by day. (example: If you have a Friday Single Day Pass, you get into Friday Nites shows FREE. It wouldn't be valid for Saturday or Sunday Nites or Fest).
Have another question regarding Fun Fun Fun Fest?
For all questions please email [email protected]
  • NO Instruments (especially drums!!!)
  • NO Knives / Weapons Etc.
  • NO Chains / Chain Wallets
  • NO Blankets
  • NO Outside Food & Bev
  • NO Camelpacks
  • NO Tents
  • NO Flags
  • NO Refunds Or Exchanges
  • NO Chairs
  • NO Video Cameras
  • NO Audio Recording Devices
  • No Professional Cameras
  • NO Stuffed Animals
  • NO Pets
  • NO Drugs & Drug Paraphernalia
  • YES Backpacks (medium)
  • YES Hats
  • YES Sun Block
  • YES Lighters
  • YES Cell Phones
  • YES Sunglasses
  • YES Cigarettes
  • YES Small Beach Towel
  • YES All Ages Welcome
  • YES Ages 9 & Under Free
  • YES Strollers
  • YES Fanny Packs
  • YES Digital Cameras (Non-Pro)
  • YES Disposable Cameras
  • YES Film Cameras (Non-Pro)
  • YES Good Vibes
  • YES Smiles
  • YES Mullets
  • YES Twerking
  • YES Batman
  • YES Metal
  • No Crying
  • No Drones
  • No Ghosts
  • No Explosives
  • No Diggity
Volcom, with the help of local ramp builder Ryan Corrigan of HOLDONHEREWEGO and the Austin-based nonprofit Project Loop, will lead the charge in building the FFF Fest skate & ride events this year, including the return of the Volcom Super Collider. The super ramp, designed by legendary skateboarder Remy Stratton, debuted last year to rave reviews from athletes and spectators alike, and it has now become an integral part of the action-sports experience at FFF Fest. 
"The Super Collider, like a music stage, is also fun to look at even when no one’s on it. And then, there is that moment when the team jumps on deck with their boards in hand and the skate session explodes into some of the nastiest shredding ever, combined with the Fun Fun Fun Fest sights and sounds all around. I just can’t wipe the smile off my face," says Volcom VP of Skateboarding Remy Stratton. Volcom will also welcome back its renowned skate team for a series of demos throughout the Festival weekend, in addition to a variety of BMX riders that Project Loop is bringing to the 2015 Fest. Fans will have the opportunity to interact with their favorite athletes at special meet-and-greets and see some of today’s top skateboarders and BMX riders compete up close and personal in a truly unique environment.
  • Ryan Sheckler
  • Grant Taylor
  • David Gonzalez
  • Dustin Dollin
  • Caswell Berry
  • Rune Glifberg
  • Chris Pfanner
  • Collin Provost
  • Louie Lopez
  • Ben Raemers
  • Axel Cruysberghs
  • CJ Collins
  • Chase Hawk
  • Aaron Ross
  • Tom Dugan
  • Clint Reynolds
  • Joseph Franz
  • Dani Lightningbolt
  • Nina Buitrago
  • Matt Nordstrom
  • Paul Cvikevich
  • Kenny Horton
  • Devin Fredlund
  • Jeremie Infelise



Media Partners

  1. chimneysocks avatar

    On Thu, Nov 3, 2011 at 6:32 PM, chimneysocks said:

    Wow, thanks everybody. I appreciate it. Definitely more helpful than what I've heard from my family.. Now, I've got some places to start building a social life in Austin.

  2. jlowe avatar

    On Thu, Nov 3, 2011 at 5:48 PM, jlowe said:

    I'd add that the various Alamo Drafthouse locations are great places to see movies, eat decent food, and drink beer. The Ritz location has more cult-type movies, including some free late night stuff during the week, as well as Music Mondays.
    Everyone else has the right idea: Red River for shows, East Sixth for drinking. I'm a Liberty regular, but Grackle, Brixton, and Yellow Jacket Social Club (on 5th) are also great bars, all with slightly different crowds.
    Also love the rec, my best friend runs that site! He lists instores and house shows there too, which can be nice to check out local bands away from the downtown mayhem.
    Austin is about eating and drinking outside 11 months out of the year, swimming 7-8 months of the year, music every night if you want it, and lots of very attractive people.

  3. Pint O'Salsa avatar

    On Thu, Nov 3, 2011 at 4:31 PM, Pint O'Salsa said:

    The Arbor is our art house theater here in two. It's up north and it only has like 5 screens but it always has a good selection of bad ass movies you might otherwise miss. Too bad the Dobie shut down, still mourning that loss :,( don't worry Austin is friendly I'm sure you'll make friends fast esp if you check out the suggested hangouts. If you have an iphone maybe checkout the ffffest app. I have a droid so i didn't look too much into it so i wouldn't get crazy jealous. But i mean if it has a taco locator i'm sure it has a few badass places to hang at too.

  4. MandyStroyer avatar

    On Thu, Nov 3, 2011 at 3:24 PM, MandyStroyer said:

    I'm an Austin native, but spent 4 years in Portland before coming back home in 2004. I must say, I miss Portland quite a bit! Austin & Portland are actually quite similar in many ways. I felt at home in the Portland music scene because it was just as diverse as Austin's.

    Don't let your family fool you... it's not dangerous downtown. Not any more than anywhere else! I knew more people who got mugged going out at night in Portland than I have in Austin. Although my ex-husband (Portland native) has managed to get mugged multiple times in both cities. Basically, don't walk down dark alleys, alone, drunk. Don't make yourself an easy target.

    maryrehak is right about Red River. It's really the place for great shows! 6th street is really more about college bars, dancing & people walking around trying to be seen & pick someone up. The only places I really hit on 6th these days are Jackalope & Casino El Camino (both serve great burgers!). Definitely go check out Emo's before it's gone (scheduled to close at the end of the year)! Red 7, Headhunters, Red Eyed Fly, Beerland & Mohawk are all good venues too.

    If you just want to check out some good bars with good drink prices head to East 6th. Lots of good ones in that area. I like Liberty a lot. It definitely draws the hipster crowd, but it has a large patio with plenty of seating & cheap drinks, so I don't really care who goes there!

    Good venues away from downtown include Emo's East (new, big, amazing sound), Trophies, Continental Club, Broken Neck....

    My go to website to find shows in Austin....

    Good luck & welcome to Austin!

  5. AngieSinister avatar

    On Thu, Nov 3, 2011 at 2:46 PM, AngieSinister said:

    alamo draft house for movies....emo's, red7, jackalope, mohawk, red eye fly, headhunters, etc. for'll find out really quick and easy where the places are

  6. maryrehak avatar

    On Thu, Nov 3, 2011 at 2:20 PM, maryrehak said:

    Two words: Red River. Red River is where a significant amount of the awesome venues are (Mohawk, Stubbs, Beerland, Emo's, Red 7), along with lots of decent bars. If you're going to do 6th, go east of I35 for your drinking to avoid frat boy douches/sorority bitches. The Parish is one of the very few good things about 6th, and a show there is always worth seeing (the sound and lighting is some of the best in town).

    Pick up your wristband tonight and hit the Ty Segall show next door at the Mohawk. You will meet like-minded and awesome people there (including me, so say hi!), and then you will have homies to hang out with during fff.